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Great link Elana! Tons of

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Great link Elana! Tons of cool tips!

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Monica...I enjoyed reading

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Monica...I enjoyed reading how you are using QR codes in the classroom and with your students. I like that you are thinking outside the box with the ways you're implementing their use. I remember when QR codes launched on the scene and all went "gaga" for them. I've personally seen a decline in their use, but wondering if with the popularity of Aurasma growing if they will be pushed out. Which ever way it goes, good to now that many are still enjoying QR's in the meantime. Cheers!

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Great post Monica. I'm seeing

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Great post Monica. I'm seeing more and more QR Codes everywhere - from community flyers to cereal boxes. I'm hoping that some of this awareness will trickle down and increase adoption in k12.

If you haven't checked out this resource by Cybraryman on QR Codes, it's worth a look: It literally has EVERYTHING you'll ever want to know about them and also has some cool tips on how to do a QR Code Scan-venger Hunt :)

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I love QR codes! I work with

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I love QR codes! I work with adults and find that they provide a great way to get teachers thinking about new ways that they can use their smartphones and iPads. I tend to put them on the slides in my power points and google presentations as a way to help my participants access the materials easily. Really, you're only bounded by your imagination!

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