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Technology Manager of Business and Economics Academy of Milwaukee.

Hardware vs. Software have different considerations

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I agree with the above general recommendations but you need to split the technology into Hardware (it has electricity) and Software (it runs on the Hardware).

Software Considerations (in addition to the above) are that the application is supported, i.e. that it has a multi-year update and support package and that it will cross hardware boundaries such as XP Pro to Windows 7 (or 8 soon) or even that it will be usable on Macs (not Flash dependent). Otherwise you are just throwing money at an application that will not be productive for more than 3 years depending on how Microsoft/Apple and the computer manufacturers play with Operating Systems and Hardware requirements.

Hardware is more sustainable, meaning that any computer with the normal specs (Windows 7, 4GB memory i5 to i7 processor)should be usable and productive (in some capacity if not at the top of your resources) for at least 5 years...unless you find an application that blows the specs such as happened when Vista came out and required much broader hardware specs for the computers to handle the OS.

In the end, if you are going to spend money on technology in education go for longevity and sustainability AFTER you adhere to the above thoughts on Curriculum.

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