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HS humanities teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

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Thanks for your comment Jennifer. Alan Trachtenberg's book looks like a good resource. Thanks for pointing it out. I also find that Susan Sontag and John Berger have some very interesting theory about photography and images that can enrich student conversations.

I agree with your points about ownership and involvement. So many traditional school structures do not facilitate projects that emphasize these qualities yet these qualities seem crucial to meaningful learning experiences.

(Sorry that I accidentally posted this as a separate comment and not a reply.)

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I'm so glad that I happened

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I'm so glad that I happened upon this article. I loved reading about how your students collaborated to create this truly interdisciplinary work that transforms a public space in thought-provoking and uplifting ways. While reading about the goal to have "them realize the power of images in communicating larger emotions and ideas," I was reminded of Alan Trachtenberg's Reading American Photographs, which might be interesting to include if you do another project with photography. As a college professor and mentor to high school students, what I find most significant about this project is that the students are learning to "feel ownership," get hands-on practice taking the initiative, and dealing with the obstacles and conflicts that emerge when collaborating to transform a vision into reality. These are the underlying skills that so many students don't get to cultivate but which are crucial to their success in college and life in general.

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