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@aldrich_nunez on Twitter

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@aldrich_nunez on Twitter mentioned that she's had students create a graphic novel depicting the hero's journey. I love that idea!

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I loved doing book trailers

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I loved doing book trailers with my students, as they not only enjoyed the process but also learned so much beyond just the plot of the book (collaboration, creative commons licensing vs copyright, visual hierarchy…). These are a few of my favorites from years ago -

Principal of a large elementary school in Canada

What a great article! Truly

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What a great article! Truly engaging ideas and strategies for the Middle School learners. I particularly love the idea of the book trailer. You can do so much with that and it is not only engaging...but the integrated learning which will occur across so many areas is amazing.
All the best in 2014. Dean

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These are fantastic ideas. I

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These are fantastic ideas. I always loved the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books as a kid and never thought about having students build one of these from a book or story we read in class!

I also think the book trailer idea has a LOT of potential. I think movie previews can be such a work of art -- sometimes they're better than the full-length movie -- and it would be interesting to work with kids on examining trailers as their own genre (which I think you're getting at with the idea of the trailers being a form of persuasive writing).

It seems that the key to making any of these projects academically rich would lie in developing rubrics that keep the focus on those higher-level skills within the content. I haven't seen a lot of these yet -- are you aware of good examples online?

Thanks for the cool ideas, and Happy New Year!

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