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Honors English teacher at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago

30 Days to Empathy

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I agree with the article whole heartedly. My students and I just published a novel entitled 30 Days to Empathy about a high school senior who learns to empathize with each of his classmates after spending one day with each of them. The novel contains teen themes, but is appropriate for 8th graders. I am attaching links so people can view the book online and also purchase it at a discount. Please spread the word to other teachers.

CNN i report

Teachers and students (and others) can buy the book at: Teachers and students who use this website to order 30 Days to Empathy can get $3.50 off per book by using the discount code we created. Here's the code: NKT3GLD9

Facebook Page:

Amazon page for 30 Days to Empathy:

Novel Changes: A crowd sourced novel any student or classroom in the world can participate in creating:

CEO at Peer Reources

Learning Empathy Skills

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While a couple of the suggested options touch on how students can learn and practice empathy with other students, the peer assistance strategy (formerly called peer counselling, peer helping or peer mentoring) teaches the students the ingredients of empathy and assists them to use those empathy skills to help peers in a variety of ways. It's sad that this wasn't mentioned in the article since thousands of students have been trained using this approach and it has been going for such a long time that hundreds of these students have gone on to train thousands of others at colleges, universities and communities.

Third grade math and science teacher from Baltimore, MD.

Staff-based empathy

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I think the school that brought empathy lessons to their staff meeting is on the right track-- teachers need just as much support as students given how challenging our work is. I teach in an urban public school, and we struggle with empathy and morale on a staff level. I'm looking for additional strategies that schools have used to build community on a staff level. Any suggestions or ideas that have worked in other schools?

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