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SAS Programming for HS- in NC and SC schools

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Great article- as a former CTE teacher, I think it is so crucial to provide relevant curriculum where students leave with real world skills (and certifications) to use in the workplace. I now work for SAS, which offers free teacher training and curriculum for SAS Programming high school courses. Thus far, this curriculum has reached NC and SC schools. Please check out my blog to get more info on this philanthropic (free!) offering.

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I'm definitely a fan of

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I'm definitely a fan of Scratch, Alice and newly of Gamestar Mechanic. I also like to introduce kids to NetLogo from Northwestern. It is great tool to demonstrate syntax, procedures and modeling, plus they really love creating designs with it.

Michael Hart

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Could you get in touch with me? I'm the executive editor of T.H.E. Journal and we're working on a story concerning digital citizenship, and I'd like to talk to you about it. You can reach me at

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