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Parent of three brilliant children in Flossmoor, IL

Wow! Could we have possibly

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Wow! Could we have possibly attended the same institution?! :) This account mirrors much of my undergraduate experience. I only wish that I had the same language and ability to so eloquently and rationally frame my feelings at that time. My "person" was so invested in navigating and growing into my new environment, while trying to counter the prevailing stereotypes, that I spent a good amount of time being angry and resentful about not being able to "crack the code" behind those hidden curricula and assumptions. Sadly enough, those lost hours can never be regained; nonetheless, I've been given a tremendous opportunity to bridge that gap with my own children. Unlike me, they are growing up in an environment and class where they will experience, travel, and participate in a much broader and global context, which will in turn, better position them to deal head-on with these assumptions. Lucky for them, I have this " Power List" and the tools therein, as well as my firsthand experience, to help them navigate when it's their turn! Awesome article, Dr. Lee!

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