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Fourth grade teacher from Marblehead, Massachusetts

Positive phone calls/emails

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I have had the same experience. From early on in my teaching career, I would call parents with good news. As a result, I had few discipline issues. Now, with the advent of email, I find parents very receptive to positive notes home via that method. I send home weekly "positive emails home" to four or five students each week. Not only does this boost a child's self-confidence, it develops a wonderful rapport with parents.

Former professional physicist, now teaching 7th grade science in Texas

Phone Calls Make all the Difference

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I had a student two years ago that was a holy terror in all of his classes and drove teachers and administrators crazy. Once though, he helped lead discussion on cellular evolution and I decided to make a quick call to mom to let her know her son had done a great job. After that simple phone call, I never had another day of trouble out of this kid, his performance in my class drastically improved, and he started to turn around in other classes after I told his teachers about my success. Now, I call parents with positive notes often, and I've had such a better time with classroom management - I have almost no problems and the classroom culture thrives. I'm a huge fan of the positive phone call.

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