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8th Grade SpEd

Mark, I am entering my 10

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Mark, I am entering my 10 year of teaching and am constantly researching for motivational material but become frustrated because the information is dry, it hasn't worked in the past, or it is for elementary ages. It has been my experience that middle school students need more motivation than elementary. Perhaps I'm partial. At any rate, I am excited to see this simple idea, and frankly am a little embarrassed that I did not think of it myself. You are correct that teachers usually throw out the busy work then show the entire movie at the end. My experience has not found this to be beneficial as it seems to be better served as a babysitter. This idea re-energizes me and I am very excited to try this in my classroom. Do you by chance have any other resources you would be willing to share?

Teacher and Educational Journalist

For Rachel: Movies for a Nursing Class

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Not exactly my specialty Rachel, but...
If it was my class I'd start by viewing some of the old episodes of ER, particularly the period with George Clooney and Julianna Margulies, since the two of them are guaranteed to grab attention. I bet you'd find scenes to use. Try the first and second seasons. Your public library may even have them.

Here are two other possible sources:

Good luck.
If you come up with some scenes to use, please think about sharing them here.

Mark you have any sources

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0 you have any sources for using more cinema in the classroom for Nursing students?

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