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Sixth Grade Reading/LA Teacher from Bedminster, NJ

Sound Advice!

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Not only does it protect you as the teacher, but it shows parents and students alike how they can be successful in your classroom.

I'm a new teacher. Currently a substitute until I get a classroom of my own

Great article!!!!

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Thank you for the information. I am definitely going to share this list with my new teacher network. I am surprised to see that very few articles talk about consistent positive communications with students and parents. I would love to know if you have any suggestions. I feel like I have a wonderful communication plan (at least one positive phone call per student each grading period)it just sounds so overwhelmingly time consuming. I think that having a positive repertoire with parents makes it so much easier when the more difficult calls need to be made.
Thank you again for your information.

great article

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Years ago, I was teaching sixth grade at a middle school. I gave each student a colored folder in which we put all of our graded work. Students kept their folders and took them home at the end of the year.

One year, a parent came in to see me at 4 pm towards the end of the year and wanted to know why her son was failing. I was very busy at the time and was caught off guard and alone in my part of the building. I tried to be polite and ask her to come and see me during the day but this didn't work. I got out the child's folder to discover that it only had 3 sheets of paper in it. This infuriate the parent to the point that security had to be called.

Now, I do just about everything on your list except that I tend to email very often. I even do a weekly newsletter for parents. I have never been in that situation again. I think communication is the key.

Thanks for your article!

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