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Please check out this article

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Please check out this article with some important information regarding the lasting affects of bullying from childhood into adulthood. It has some valuable resources for those who are dealing with bullying or have dealt with this in the past.

co-founder I am Bullyproof Music

How Awesome are You!

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When I was a kid in elementary school, I was often teased for being "too nice". Funny thing is haha I'm very outspoken by nature. I was nice, but never sugary nice. I've just always believed that being kind feels better on the soul anyway than being mean--why be negative? Bullying another person is *raised eyes* just super unoriginal.

Applause for your idea, applause for you positive world-changing thinking. You're rock.

PS I penned a Nonconformist tune once about my oldest son (little at the time) who refused to be a follower and because of that, ended up his classroom hero. To this day I'm thanked by kids from that class, older now, who say the song changed their lives. What you did, with that one little decision you acted upon, I'm SURE has already left a huge bit of magic dust on many many lives.

Giant YAY for you :-)!!

ESOL teacher from Northern Virginia

We need positive

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It is so great to hear your story. Bullying is something that is causing not only hurt feelings but is resulting in the death of many teens. As a teacher I have seen bullying start as early as kindergarten. I find that each school should set it as a priority to discuss bullying and how it is not something that is acceptable. Parents should also discuss bullying with their children and make sure that they are aware of signs if their child is being bullied. Kids like you can also stick up for those who are being bullied. Thanks for everything you are doing you might be saving a life.

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