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I've heard that open source

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I've heard that open source is really common in schools outside the U.S. -- would love to hear about those examples, too.

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Just Do It!

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Great article. We've started down the road of open source software, starting with a pilot program where all students and teachers in a new 9th grade program are using nothing but open source software: Ubuntu Linux, LibreOffice, Audacity, etc. It's been working great. Sure, there are going to be hiccups as people struggle to let go of long-held beliefs ("What do you mean it's not MICROSOFT Office? How on earth will we survive?"). Luckily, the learning curve is relatively small. So, for anyone considering the alternatives to expensive, bloated software - I say Just Do It! There will ALWAYS be nay-sayers and complainers. Tune out the noise and do your best to anticipate their complaints so you can be ready at the start with the appropriate training materials.

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