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Instructional Systems Design Editor

Hi Lucas! I currently work

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Hi Lucas! I currently work for a cyber school called 21st Century Cyber Charter School. We are based in Pennsylvania. We do not find cheating to be a big problem at our school because we implement a learning coach model. This ensures that every student in our school communicates regularly, not only with his teachers, but with an academic coach as well. Through these monitored communications, our staff gets to know students on a deeper level. We feel confident that our teachers know their students, they know their abilities, and they know their work. There is a much more personal relationship developing, which allows for trust, respect, and a more sincere dialogue to exist.

The truth of the matter is that English teachers in a brick and mortar school cannot guarantee their own students write the papers written out of the classroom. I think because we see so much more one-on-one interaction at out school, cheating has not been seen as a real problem.

I am interested in learning

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I am interested in learning more about hybrid classrooms and using them in the high school setting. Because I teach in a small, rural school, we often don't have many elective options for students. I like the options and flexibility that hybrid programs offer. They truly are more personalized than our current system is. I would like to learn more about creating a hybrid course for students in my school. I also think that it is preparing them for their post-secondary career as well; many colleges are using this approach, so we should be preparing them for that experience.

High School English Teacher

Thank you for sharing,

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Thank you for sharing, Andrew. My school is in the early phases of developing some online courses for our students since many of them are starting to migrate to online options or high schools for at least part of the day. We would like to find a way to keep the kids "in house" so to speak by designing online courses to meet their needs within our district with our teachers.

It's great to see this program is working and appears to be retaining students. I think having someone lead the charge with enthusiasm is key for a program like this to take off. This person also must be knowledgeable and have a vision for what technology and teaching can be. I am curious, though, if the online teachers feel students are authentically learning and at high levels. I've heard many online programs are too easy and cheating is often rampant. Is this your experience?

Thank you Mr. Marcinek. Very

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Thank you Mr. Marcinek. Very Informative. Our school has "talked" about starting classes online. Your post will help explain the many concerns that administration is having. The biggest part I see is what you said, having someone in charge, but with gusto! We need someone to stand firm and to continually educate those who are doubtful.
I have been interested in this idea for about two years now. We have had meetings that would touch upon the subject, but go nowhere. Using this post would help develop a plan to show to administrators and receive support on the idea of online learning for students.

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