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ILT Coordinator and Support Teacher

Managing the Devices

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Hi Jac,
Just wondering how the iPads were set up. Are they managed by the school (i.e. the school is the administrator) or are they managed by the students? Who buys and pays for the apps and who has the rights to add/adjust?
Thanks, Colin

ID - Seattle, WA

philosophy and outcomes

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Hi Tom,

Pedagogical philosophy ranged based on teaching style and project goals - all were focused at the middle school level. This is a big question, If you'd like more info you can contact me out of the comments section.

We are keeping longitudinal data on student outcomes, but did not have a baseline as this was the first year of our middle school program.

ID - Seattle, WA

iPads beyond core classes

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Hi Wendy,

Best of luck with your 1:1 program - sounds like you are moving forward and have spent time developing professional development to support this initiative.

You inquired about using iPads in specialist classes. This is something we started in week 8, and based on student feedback, events like the Middle School Media Arts festival (mentioned in the article) were some of the most successful learning activities of the year.

There were a few reasons that we chose to move slowly with specialist integration:

1) We were cautious of the added screen-time that we were introducing into our students' lives. Does increased HCI have an impact on community?

2) As a first year middle school, we were sharing specialists (PE, arts, language) with the existing elementary school. While core teachers had scheduled time throughout the year to build curriculum, integrate technology, and evaluate; our specialists took on additional workload. It took us a few months to get everyone up to speed with leveraging the tool as appropriate without sacrificing the tactile nature of our arts program.

3) Our school was designed to teach students as best we can. We start with great learning experiences and incorporate iPads with intention when appropriate. We wanted to stay true to our mission statement and NOT be considered an "iPad school" that starts with a tool and then tries to find ways to teach with it.

Ultimately we were happy with the experience, as it reflected our community values, honored student voice, and had strong pedagogical underpinnings.

iPads in the classrooms

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Why were iPads turned in before the day was over? If a digital device is useful in "core" classes, it is most surely useful in PE, Art, World Language, and other "specials" I teach Art to middle school and high school students. Our district is going 1:1 this year, and you can bet that my "specials" colleagues and I will be integrating technology at least as much as the other teachers.


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This is a nice description of suggestions to take into account when having 1:1 programs at school. I'd like to recommend Nearpod as an app to be used in this program. I know lots of teachers who have been using it. they can launch presentations with activities like quizzes, drawings, etc and it's all synchronized. They can also access results and evaluate at the moment. if you want to get more info, you should visit ther site:
good luck!

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