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Interesting blog! It's nice

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Interesting blog! It's nice to see so many students took care of the iPads. I also liked the idea of requiring every parent and student to attend a meeting before the iPads were handed out. I do wonder if this is a Title 1 school or not.

Reading Specialist from Hellertown, PA

Andrew, thanks for sharing

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Andrew, thanks for sharing your and your team’s experiences. It sounds like you are true modern day navigators in a new ocean of educational transformation. I would not think that one blueprint or plan would work for all schools. It sounds like your team was very wise to construct its own, because you know your school so well. Having the students involved is an excellent idea too. It also sounds like you are prepared for any storms or icebergs that may get in your way during your journey.

I appreciate the Instructional Technology team at my work place too. I teach at Lehigh Carbon Community College and find that I’ve acquired a whole lot of new skills since I had begun teaching there 3 years ago. Now I’ve really incorporated the technology that is out there as have many of my colleagues thanks to that very patient and hardworking department!

You point out how the foundation for educational technology should start in grade school. I believe that too. Looking at my own kids, which I have four of, I have observed how they are adapting to the technology in their school. Last year my daughter put a Prezi together in her fifth grade class with a group of other students. It was neat to see how well they adapted to collaborative learning. Also, this past summer, I tried out a terrific site for creative writing with my kids called Cubert’s Cube. I was impressed with the security settings and how much fun the kids had creating their own stories and poems. The site is colorful and very user friendly. It provides the young users with interactive story starters, which makes it pretty hard to suffer from writer’s block! There is also a gallery feature they used to draw and upload pictures to illustrate their stories, and then they were able to publish them. Since it is based on Wikis, they were able to collaborate on one story together. They giggled the entire time, but it was great that they were using language arts while doing so.

I’ve seen some other sites that my kids have used at school such as Spelling City and Sumdog that just are so fun to use, and makes the practicing of the skills a whole lot of fun. Some of the educational sites and tools on the web are so interactive and really address many learning styles.

I hope your first year is a great one. It does seem like Burlington Schools has the right formula. Good luck!

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