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I love sharing! However, how

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I love sharing! However, how do you handle the teacher who takes credit for something you created? I have no desire to go into administration but there are those who will use what you've done to get themselves advanced.

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sharing and reflection

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Sharing for the first time can be very intimate! It's up to us to make people feel comfortable even sharing the stuff that they think may be coming up short. Getting to know the person and finding a few things that you think are great and then telling them how you used their good ideas goes a long way.

I remember my first years of teaching and thinking "God, this is so awful", but another teacher found a copy left in the machine and complimented the layout and said it would help him. That opened a door-I was able to say, "yeah, but I need to improve. . . . " And he helped me! From there it snowballed-I never hesitate to contribute kernels and let others help me pop the corn!

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Holden, you hit the nail on

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Holden, you hit the nail on the head about "being judged". I have a family member who is a no-share teacher. It is a sad and lonely world. The absence of critique used effectively is like not being able to walk. It's such an important part of teaching. My "no share relative" has had family emergencies to tend to and refuses to have a substitute in his classroom. He is so guarded. This stifles natural communal relationships. He is missing out on so much.

I have been studying PLC's and their advantages to student learning. The collaboration of teachers is the sweetest part of teaching. It's renewal, it's creative, it's warmth and friendship. Sadly, we all know people who don't want to trust their colleagues. I believe that peer observation should be mandatory in school, just to break the seal on isolation and embarrassment. A transparent school is a student centered school.

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