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Kindergarten teacher

Wow reading your helpful

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Wow reading your helpful hints is going to be really helpful to me. I feel like I never have enough time for anything during my day, but thinking about your rules will help me to find ways to get things done. My hardest issue right now is parent involvement. I am trying to find multiple ways to communicate with them and get them to want to even come and volunteer in the classroom for a while. I will remember some of your rules when i am preparing my classroom when we come back from spring break.

Thank you so much for these

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Thank you so much for these tips! I will always keep them in mind and I will pass them along to other new teachers like myself. I know other teachers tell me do not make it harder than it is but being a perfectionist and have ocd that can be hard!! ha ha I love tip number 5. I ALWAYS take a long time because I want it to look perfect ! I always love to be creative with them and make sure they are catchy to the eye!

As a new teacher I am always

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As a new teacher I am always being told not to make things harder than they really are. This is a great tool for me to have when I begin teaching in the fall. The two tips that stuck out the most were share good new with your principal and don't let changing your bulletin board take hours. Last year, I only seem to see my principal when I had something bad I needed to share or she had something not so good to tell me about one of my students. I can see how sharing positive and good news with her will help open up the lines of communication. I also spent many hours on bulletin boards last year... I am not very artist and always thought it needed to be perfect. This is the second time I have heard this about the bulletin board and I will be spend much less time on mine this coming year. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips, can't wait to use them in the coming school year!

4th grade science and health teacher in Raeford, North Carolina

These tips are wonderful,

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These tips are wonderful, thank you! Some of them I have been told, but some I have not. I will definitely be sure to keep these in mind as I start my first year teaching next week!

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