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Business and Computer Science Teacher, Georgia

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I enjoyed reading the tips that will help me when dealing with problems. I just find it hard always ccontacting parents with negative information. In the future, I will send out positive letters through e-mail with parents so that I will build some rapport with them. Through experience thought, I have learned that parents just want to be informed about what their child is doing in your classroom and how they are performing.

It is quite rewarding to see

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It is quite rewarding to see that there are other educators facing similar challenges. I was attracted to the post based on the great tips that were given. There are actually on my list to try to aid me with the lack of parental support being experienced by my students. The approach of using food to entice parents is a welcomed suggestion.

High school teacher - Australia


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A great post and some great tips.
Parents can be hard to deal with sometimes, but often it is the most rewarding part of my job as a teacher I find.
In fact, I've dedicated my blog to the role of parents in schools and why teachers are becoming pseudo parents.

What a great post you've written. I'll be sure to pass it on!

Mike - Not Your Parent.

student of masters in education, Texas

My question is, if you have

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My question is, if you have contacted a parent for the request of their help in their child's education and you start very positive and have the conversation going and it seems to be going well. When you ask for their help if the conversation goes bad and the parent becomes irate how do you turn it positive again. I have already explained that this is for their child's benefit and apparently they have by-passed this fact.

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