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The essential question, to borrow a "best practice" term as a metaphor, is do any of these, including the use of technology really matter if a student has no choice in the course hem is sitting in? Does anyone really believe that any of these strategies have a prayer of success if a student walks into the Math or English or any other subject class because they are required to take it, they hate the subject and hate being forced to be there? The real issue is the question of forced courses, so long as we have forced courses we will have bored students, students who text under their desk, students who wreak havoc on our lessons, and worst of all students who drop-out at a rate of over 50% in every urban school district in the country. Want to think outside the box? Here's a start, allow students to write the subjects THEY are interested in on a whiteboard in the lobby of your school and teach those subjects. Of course you can OFFER integration of your good old ELA, Math, Sci, & Soc St. into their subjects. I've seen a class on Tarot Cards turned into a magnificent critical thinking and public speaking lesson, but at its heart it remained a Tarot Card course, taught w/ fidelity due to the school's trust that all human beings are born learners, our job is to facilitate not dictate. After all we do live in a democracy, at least that what we all were taught...

I am currently taking a

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I am currently taking a technology course and I think that delivery of instruction is directly related to the amount of technology you have available in your classroom. You can deliver instruction in a variety of ways without technology, but with technology the possibilities seem endless!

6 Grade Special Ed teacher from MD

Hi. I love the idea of a hook

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Hi. I love the idea of a hook for the beginning of a lesson. Do you have advice on closing the lesson? (Ex. new ways to do exit tickets)
Thank you.

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We had a great New Teacher chat last night on Lesson Delivery with many new teachers and experienced teachers participating. Here is a link to the Archive:
Many Thanks to Paula who participated on the chat with us!!!

Hope that you will share any other idea for how you are delivering and facilitating instruction in your classrooms!

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