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Fourth grade teacher from North Georgia

This is my first time on this

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This is my first time on this website and your post was very insightful. I'm ashamed to say that I set up a blog last year but I never used it. I am excited about the many ways that students used the blogs and can see how this would be a great motivating tool for increase learning. I will definitely set up a blog and possible partner with another school in my district so we can get the kids blogging. Thank-you so much for sharing and showing us how to use blogs.

pre-service elementary teacher

My personal journey as an

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My personal journey as an educator blog is up! Here is the link to my blog: and here is my NT Boot Camp portfolio:

I am looking forward to tonight's webinar, but want to express my sincere thanks to Lisa and the rest of the amazing educators who took time out of their summer to help us new teachers along! You are all phenomenal and I learned so much from each of you and am so honored to be a member of this vibrant community!

Your Summer PD Series has been so appreciated!!!

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Lisa - I very rarely take time to write comments on websites, but I want you to know that your boot camp articles have been the single best resource I have used this summer in my quest to become a 21st Century Educator! Your yellow text boxes with instructions have been my favorite aspect of each article since it gave me a task to do and I could see my research efforts rewarded with an actual product. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I know the summer is ending, but I hope that you will continue this format throughout the school year. I know I will be anxiously awaiting each installment!!! :)

6th grade English/Language Arts Teacher from Chestertown, MD

6th Grade E/LA

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I have just found this blog through a link in my grad school class. I also have unofficially participated in the Boot Camp. I would really like to make a blog for my class this year. I have to make sure it is okay with my principal, but I would love to collaborate this year a bit if he gives me a go-ahead. I work in Chestertown, MD, at a middle school, teaching 6th grade English. It is a rural area close to many great things like Washington, DC, the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore, MD, and even Philadelphia, PA. I think this would be a great way to make it really life oriented and engaging for them!

My email is

Teacher Librarian

While I haven't been

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While I haven't been officially participating in Boot Camp, I have been following the activities. (I have done some of this work under other programs.) But this year I want to venture into blogging with my 5th grade LA class, and am looking for other similarly aged groups. I want my students both to comment on and to read other student writing, and would welcome the opportunity to have other students comment on their work.

So, is anybody out there willing to collaborate this year? I work at a small Jewish Day School in Minnesota, and would welcome the chance to have my students be and receive a "real" audience.

Teacher of MS Math, Algebra, 6th Gr SS, MathCounts & Basketball coach...NC

Thank you!

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Thank you so much for offering this bootcamp! I am not a new teacher, but with all the new technology available now, I feel like one. I can't wait to get my students involved with all I have learned this summer. We started school last week and my 6th graders have already created word clouds to describe themselves! (I confess we used Tagxedo instead of Wordle because of the ease of saving...I never even would have know about either of these programs without your summer PD!)

I will be checking back to see what other great things you are offering for teachers!

The link to my portfolio page...

Thanks again!

Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia

A thoughtful post by Stuart Rosenberg @stuartr52

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Thanks to Stuart for his thoughtful post on what the Boot Camp meant to him. I so appreciate it, as it was our first, but not our last time offering PD to new teachers here at Edutopia. Here is the link to Stuart's NT Bootcamp Blog Post #ntchat
Cheers to you Stuart!

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