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In response to TxBoy, I can

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In response to TxBoy, I can only speak from my personal experience, of course, but my son is being raised bilingually and has had no issues with speaking. I am a native English speaker and my husband is a native Spanish speaker. We each speak only our native language to our son. Everything outside the home is Spanish as well, as we live in Guatemala. My son began speaking at 10 months old, by 17 months spoke nearly 100 words, a mix of both languages, and now, at 22 months speaks in complete 4-5 word phrases in both languages. He does mix the two languages, we believe, based on which word for the situation is either easier to say or he has heard more often in a particular context. (These are just our hunches based on observing him.) He does also adapt which language he is using to the person/situation. That is, with his daycare provider and swimming teacher (both Spanish speakers), he speaks mostly Spanish. With myself or other native English speakers, he speaks mostly English. It is absolutely amazing to observe. And he has demonstrated no confusion whatsoever. :)

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