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Educational Consultant/Author, Southern California

Poetry Necessary Like the Air We Breathe

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Poetry to inspire, comfort, surprise, delight. Necessary, since we are poets all.

Educator, Author, Mentor, Consultant

Poetry Notebook: Product and Performance

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Thanks for all the terrific ideas and links posted so far.
In invite you take a look at some of resources on my website including this one: Poetry Notebook: Product and Performance
Students do research gathering biographical info on poet, selecting poems on theme, on topic, or by same author; model (pattern) poem(s), write original poems, write review (evaluation), memorize and recite poetry. Interim due dates make grading manageable and create formative assessments throughout the unit.

Prof. Dev. Provider --Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium

Free poetry resources from the Library of Congress (

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The Library of Congress has millions of free primary sources and teacher resources. Here is a just small sampling useful for National Poetry Month:
• Literature and Poetry lesson plans (grades 3-12)
• Found Poetry (primary source set)
• Poetry and Literature (resource page)
• From the Catbird Seat (blog)
• Poetry 180 (a poem a day for American high schools)

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