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8th grade info tech and 7th grade New Mexico social studies teacher.Ab

Supporting student writing in

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Supporting student writing in classes has help me become a better writer. Now I keep my writing skills polished by commenting on articles connected to my teaching content. Reading the articles and sharing my feedback strengthens my content knowledge and allows me to model writing. My students get to see writing in a real world setting.

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I got a bunch of unmotivated and uninterested and nearly illiterate kids to write stories and essays. To write something every week by Friday. I sure did.

I told them I borrowed this one from the working world, especially the newspaper news room. Every Monday the kids got a fun subject to write about, a low word count, the opportunity to be edited by me, and then I would read their work, out loud, in my goofy announcer voices, to everybody else every Friday. My God, did it work.

The first couple of Fridays were horrifying to the students, but then they finally got whacked each week by a sense of pride and Fridays became the most looked-forward-to day of the week. Not because it was the last day of the week. It became the proudest day of the week because they learned that hard work and a dedicated routine always has a payoff. When you see emotionally fragile kids pat each other on the back—literally pat each other on the back—because they liked each other’s stories, it’s hard not to get teary-eyed right in front of them. Every Friday.

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Steve, that is so true. If

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Steve, that is so true. If students see that you write, it really inspires them. I have four children ages 7, 8, 11, and 13. Last year I wrote my very first book of sorts, an Instructor's Manual for a College Reading textbook. My kids were writing a storm, since they saw mommy writing so much. During the summer, we discovered a creative writing website which they really enjoyed called Cubert's Cube. Since they all had the writing bug, they enjoyed writing interactively on this website which lets kids collaborate with each other on one story if they wish too. There is also a "gallery" section which allows the children to upload pictures or draw them to illustrate a story, and if they cannot think of what to write, they can click the interactive story starters. There are ideas for teachers on the website and it is very user friendly and secure. Check it out if you get the chance!

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