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" The beautiful thing about

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" The beautiful thing about being human is we have the ability to be in control of ourselves."

Stacy: There was a time in America when this was pretty much an accepted view. However, in the last decade, citizens are slowly having that "control" reduced to an illusion, because our leaders believe they know what's best for us, so more layers of rules and regulations are imposed as freedoms and liberty slowly erode. Just the fact that we have little say over what is to become of the money that's withdrawn from our paychecks lately.

How many of you felt good about that increase in the Social Security tax taken out of your paychecks last January 15?

We need to teach our kids how to be good citizens, but at the same time, teach them the constructive and lawful ways to express dissent against our leaders. This is the only way to improve lives and restore liberty and freedom as the Founders intended, for ALL Americans, regardless of the gender, race, ethnicity, or SES.

Life Skills Support Teacher

Heather: you are asking the

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Heather: you are asking the wrong question as to why there is a disparity in performance between the two topic groups. Many of us already know the question and the answer, but it's deemed inappropriate to discuss it out in the open. This is part of the reason why nothing really changes. Billions of dollars are spent on iodine and band-aid-level remedies instead of cutting right to the heart of certain issues. But our politicians won't allow it and many of you keep voting for the same type of "leader" because they say what you want to hear.

Unfortunately, "leveling the playing field" as it has been applied rarely works, because you can't really improve society by elevating one group at the expense of another.

We read of examples over and over on this website. We read an endless stream of endorsements for educational curricula that typifies the idea of the "soft bigotry of lowered expectations." Using rap music to teach literacy to urban kids is just one example. I become the eventual steward of kids put through these curricula and what I find is that they still lack fundamental skills.

We'd be all better off simply acknowledging the idea that certain groups of people in general are by nature more adept at certain cognitive skills compared to others. However, you don't use that realization to polarize groups against one another, which is exactly what happens when one group is socially engineered to advance at the expense of another group.


I work in elementary. While

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I work in elementary. While we don't have "honors" classes, per se, students are still segregated by ability level on occasion. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Students have different needs. We should be cognizant of those needs. However, as teachers we should never box our students into an ability level permanently. Students will pick up on this and they will get the message that their ability is predetermined and they have no power to change it. This is simply not true. The beautiful thing about being human is we have the ability to be in control of ourselves. It is within our power to push harder, or not. I need to keep this in mind as I work with kids every day.

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