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Here’s a few other things I learned about men and women humans from watching a lot of commercials on TV this summer.

If a commercial includes a man and a woman the commercial will ALWAYS be about …

• Buying furniture
• Buying a car
• Buying a refrigerator or a combo washer dryer affair
• Buying wall paint
• Buying a mattress that will help eliminate their body pains
• Curing the husband’s snoring. Remember, women don't snore
• Appreciating that the husband is now on a drug that is helping his weiner perform better

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Hello, Mark! As for "both of us" ... I was trying to be so obtusely literary ... and maybe the glass of wine didn't help either! But I was thinking of "us" as men an women ... globally!

Keep up the great work. Teach on! Never give up on them!


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I'm not sure who "the both of us" is, but your lists are great.

It would be great to find some ads that somehow transcend these stereotypes and are positively exemplary. I'm probably not the best person to do that though, since I usually avoid TV ads. There certainly are some programs with good strong female characters, often struggling against role expectations. The lead female role in "Friday Night Lights," played by Connie Britton, stands out in this respect.


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I’m a teacher with two months off during the summer. I watched a lot of TV this summer. I watched a lot of TV in hopes of learning more about humans. I actually learned the most about humans from what TV commercial ad makers think of humans.

Women humans first …

• Woman are obsessed with food
• Woman are obsessed with their weight
• Woman are obsessed with their lack of satisfying bowel functions
• When women eat soup they have a look of ecstasy on their face
• Women will steal each others’ food if the opportunity presents itself
• Only women are shown scrubbing nasty commodes. I never saw a commercial where some man was scrubbing a nasty commode
• Only women are shown taking care of children. I never saw a commercial where a man is taking care of a child
• Around the house only women collect pet hair wads
• No women pitch alcohol or drug addiction cures
• Only women vacuum. Or mop
• Women deeply dislike their husband’s mother
• Only women fall down and can’t get up. And that woman who falls down all the time should screech what she’s really upset about and that’s not being able to reach her cigarettes
• If a burglar is going to kick a door down or bust through a window while somebody is actually home during the middle of the day the people in the house will be a woman and with the woman will be her daughter and not her son. And the burglar will always be a man. Not a woman
• No women are ever seen in pick-up truck commercials
• No women snore

And now for the way stupid men are depicted …

• Husbands are stupid
• Boyfriends are stupid
• Men are stupid
• Men are slobs
• Men never shave
• Men are lazy
• Men are very capable of setting themselves on fire
• Men are bad with tools
• Men are bad about paying the bills
• Men burgle homes in the middle of the day by busting through a window even when the burglar can see through the window that a mother and her daughter are making sandwiches in the kitchen
• Only men grill food if they haven’t already set themselves on fire
• Married men are henpecked and they know it and there’s nothing they can do about it
• Men are fat
• Only men snore
• Men deeply dislike their wife’s mother
• All men want to do is watch sports activities on TV
• Only men have problems with the performance of their wiener

I'm so proud. Of both of us.

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