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High School Math, Physics and CS teacher, Switzerland

Student centered Math

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Dear David, thanks for you post. It's so clear.

I'd add some more comments: the real world based Math could be much more engaging. But it may be also true that some real-world problems still do not answer the frequent questions like:
where on earth will I be using this ?
who cares about this beautiful math shell structure ?
and so on ...

So my proposal is not only we'd better aim at real-world centered Math but also at "student-centered" Math.
What I mean is explained in this paper:

Would be great to receive your comments.

Thank you very much !

Learning Specialist: Technology for Stratford Hall

Thank you. Please let me know

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Thank you. Please let me know how it goes. I'm interested to find out how other people view solutions to this problem. In particular, I'd like to learn about more resources to make mathematics a bit more relevance or interesting for students.

College mathematics professor from Toronto, ON, Canada

Thanks David! How timely -

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Thanks David! How timely - some wonderful comments and resources I will share at our upcoming mathematics PD day.

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