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Great article! Thank you for

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Great article! Thank you for sharing this. You might also want to checkout my blog post on 'How to Become a Teacher'. Here's the link Thank you.

High School English teacher from Phoenix, Arizona.

Thanks for the reminders!

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Thanks for your sound advice. I love that #1 is: Understand Your Reasons for Teaching and the activity you suggest with this. I plan to do some reflection before I begin working on National Board Certification in February. A colleague of mine has a bulletin board in her classroom that reads: Why I Teach with pictures of current and former students, pictures with colleagues, etc. I'm in the process of creating my own, and I can add my reflection to it as well. I think it's important for our students to know that many of us became teachers because we were inspired by great teachers.

One thing I'd like to suggest to your list of 6 is: Make the Time Count. Whether it's five minutes to write a quick reflection about something that worked, something that didn't, a practice that needs refinement, or connecting with a student, I think we're often so busy in our practice that we forget the simplicity and importance of simply taking the time to reflect.

Or, make the time to "play" with students. On those days we finish up a little early (or, recently during a lockdown), I play a round of Uno with some of my students. Not only do they get to see my competitive side, I get to know a different side as well. From my subtle, humble students to those who are just as competitive as I, we always seem to have a great time.

And, finally, make the time for professional development that best suits your needs and who you are as a teacher. One of your strongest points is finding PD that's outside of one's district (or state). While I can't get PD hours for this, I've maintained a positive relationship with former district consultants. This has provided me some unique opportunities. Their continued support has allowed me to re-think how I want to really push my practice, share it with others, and build relationships along the way.

Again, thanks for a great read!


From a support employees perspective

Expectations Coach

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Thank you for this article. I read it from a support employees perspective and feel all of the same qualities needed by the teacher are also needed by them that support the classroom. Daily asking yourself am I getting stale or too comfortable in my role will challenge you to staying current and relevant.

Dear Peg, I enjoyed your

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Dear Peg,
I enjoyed your article! I was reading my NBPT newsletter and came across your work. It is so good to hear of your new activities.

I am still on the Cape. I would love to sit down for coffee with you some day this spring!

high school math teacher Hood River OR

I loved this. I'll refer to

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I loved this. I'll refer to it often. I'm glad you included the sixth step. It's often overlooked. That and the notion that when you interact with students and parents in the community, you're still a teacher.

Teacher at Little Steps Daycare Centre.Thane. INDIA.

Very aptly put Margaret!!

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Very aptly put Margaret!! Loved it!!

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