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Great idea

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Hi Eric and Marsha,
Thanks for sharing this fantastic idea. It does seem like a great way for students to interact with real news and developments. I am working in China right now and twitter is blocked (as well as most social media; facebook, myspace, many blog sites, etc). Are there any other such sites that would allow me to do something similar (that might not be banned by my host country?)

Thanks for sharing your expertise.


I greatly enjoyed learning

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I greatly enjoyed learning about this classroom initiative. I am a young educator and am still in the learning phase (although we never really stop!), so anything that brings current events and technology into the classroom in such a successful way piques my interest. To the teacher: well done on accomplishing so much with your students. I am impressed that they have done so well, and I love that assessment occurs online and in groups.

I think it's terribly important more teachers take chances like this to really reach out to their students. This is one of the best ways to get down to there level, and teachers that do so earn a lot of respect from their students. It shows that teachers believe in their students and do not have to rely solely on a traditional rubric.

Montessori 4-6th grade teacher

Following the child

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Hi Martha,

I enjoyed reading about your experience! My students also perk right up any time technology threatens to enhance our lessons.

I'd like to reinforce your willingness to detour from your original plan in order to reinforce the aspects of the lesson that your students found most salient. Though I always come to a lesson prepared,I also come prepared to take a detour if conditions warrant. Sometimes my kids have a much more interesting idea than I would have led them into. Other times they really need me to lead the way. But I absolutely live for that moment when they take the reins and I have to back away to give them more room to move.


Middle school math and science teacher from Leawood, Kansas

Great question

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Dear Bob,
You might think that if you haven't worked with these materials...and it was my original intention. But it didn't work out that way. They found it frustrating to do that because working with the archives is more tricky than you might think....they found working with the Timeline feature in a Google search is much more time efficient than using the archives in
I don't think it diminishes the learning at all. In fact I might argue that it makes my students able to use a variety of techniques to find information from different sources in different ways.
I appreciate your thinking, was how I thought it would be but the kids thought otherwise.

It's a shame that the teacher

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It's a shame that the teacher didn't have her kids create the electronic newspaper from those same resources. Bet it would have been an even more powerful experience.

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