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You are correct. Students are full of brilliant and lustrous potential. That is an awesome pearl. Since you believe this, then your teaching style probably matches and you encourage students to take the educational risks that will help them develop that potential.

Ben Johnson
San Antonio, Texas

Principal: Eagleridge Enrichment Program Mesa Public Schools Mesa Arizona

Bravo! We tend to look at

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Bravo! We tend to look at the shell and not the pearls hidden inside. When we find the real pearl we need to celebrate and recognize the uniqueness of every learner (adult and child) in our buildings. No pearl is perfect. It is this searching for our learner's individual strengths and challenges that should inspire us to find the pearls in the shells and celebrate. This is what makes the world (our schools) a beautiful place for all.

The pearl we are trying to

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The pearl we are trying to display--I see the vibrant potentials to creativity of the students, and I recommend the study of poetry as a polish..

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