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Support for new teachers

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Mr Knowles statement that we must retain new teachers is on the mark, especially in hard to staff positions like math, science, special education. With support from mentoring all new teachers are more apt to stay in the profession, but also mentoring can accelerate their growth so they are more effective.

While many districts provide mentoring support for new teachers, there are as many that have no formal induction or mentoring program. Mentoring needs to be more than a buddy system - it should be a structured program that offers new teachers support and feedback on their practice.

One other support I would like to add to Mr Knowles list is eMSS - e-Mentoring for Student Success. This online content focused mentoring program provides support to new math, science, and special education teachers. Research on the eMSS program shows retention rates of 82-90% for new teachers who participate in the program.

Full disclosure - I am the director of the program.

Alyson Mike
Director, Online Professional Development
New Teacher Center.

Life Skills Support Teacher

Overlooking the Obvious, Aren't We?

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Your liberal social agenda has produced a generation of "amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters."

This is happening now in America in the form of "flash mobs." When you have leadership that fails to hold people accountable for their actions (kids AND their parents), you are going to create a virtual feral underclass that has no respect for authority or basic morality.

Learning Specialist: Technology for Stratford Hall

I think it would be worth

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I think it would be worth adding some books for new teachers to read. Since I'm a math teacher, I'll add some math professional development books.

A Mathematician’s Lament by Paul Lockhart
Mathematics Miseducation by Derek Stolp
The Math Instinct by Keith Devlin
How Children Fail by John Holt
What’s Math Got To Do With It? by Jo Baoler

What other books can we suggest new teachers read (that they may not have been exposed to as part of their teacher education program)?

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