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Video Producer/ Director and Live Streaming supplier

Hi Dodie, I know this is a

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Hi Dodie,
I know this is a dated post thread, however we provide secure streaming for schools and districts. Feel free to visit our site and contact me for any additional info.

Network Administrator

My concern (being the Web

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My concern (being the Web Filter guy), is what can be found on sites like this. As usual, I will use the site's own search and type in terms like "sexy", "escort", etc. If the site doesn't have search, I go to google and type " sexy", etc to narrow google search to that site.

Unfortunately, and the term "escort" WILL get you quite a surprising eyeful. So maybe a 2nd grader won't think of this, but starting with middle-school they start to go looking for things they shouldn't.

So am I unfair and wrong looking for the bad stuff on otherwise good sites?

Anyway, that's my dilemma and my warning as well. Anyone using sites like this for education should at least attempt to look for the "bad" stuff on it as well and decide from there. Sadly, you can't assume everything is just "cute cats".

Lead Learner - Connected Teaching, Learning & Leadership

Hi Dodie! We've used Ustream

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Hi Dodie! We've used Ustream to do morning announcements as well. You can require a password for teachers to enter to keep it secure. Let me know if you receive any other ideas. We're always looking for the simplest solution in terms of planning time and access. -jm

Coordinator of Instruction at Vestal Central School District

secure livestreaming options?

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We used Schooltube's livestreaming services- but they have since stopped supporting it- do you know of any livestreaming that is more secure then ustream?
We streamed some events (including having a live chickcam for 2nd grade students to watch their chickens hatch 24/7) but would like to stream the morning announcements at our middle school. In order to stream the announcements we would have to have it secure with a signin for teachers in the classrooms to sign in. Any ideas of tools for that? thanks-

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