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Theater, Media, Journalism, English teacher: St. Pauls High School, NC

Having compared Google Drive

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Having compared Google Drive to Microsoft's SkyDrive, I'll take SkyDrive.

Cheaper for more storage.
Webapp versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that then directly download to desktop versions.
Ability to remote access any computer you have installed the SkyDrive app on.
Appears on local desktop/laptop as just a top level folder like My Documents is and accesses just as easily.

Evernote RULES (now if only my organizational abilities were up to its abilities!)

Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

Great post! Can I add two

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Great post!

Can I add two more? Remind101 allows me to send secure, private texts to parents and kids without sharing my own cell phone number. I also use iCal to manage my class and home/family calendars and you can set up calendars that others can subscribe too as well (think due dates, department & faculty meetings, etc). I know GoogleCalendar works well for some folks, but I have too many schedules that I need to synch across too many devices and the Drive App doesn't work well with my university-owned gmail system.

Can't wait to hear what other folks have to share!

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