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Totally agree with this. As a

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Totally agree with this. As a matter of fact I put my kids on screen time budget way before we had all the screens we have today. They could choose however they wanted to use their screen time and this included any screen. If one kid was watching TV and the other stopped to watch that show it came off their screen time.

For years I ran a therapeutic child care and we put the kids there on screen time budgets also. We didn't have TVs so it was mostly computers or games.

I understand the issue of doing homework, research, etc. social media, texting, etc. need to be regulated by the parents.

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It's about time another

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It's about time another medical opinion is included on this website that doesn't support the iFad and videogame addicted drive to compromise the physical and mental health of another generation of American youth.

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Thats something good that you

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Thats something good that you shared. But don't overlook the importance of spending time on computers for learning maths and geometry lessons and something that is useful like preparations for SAT too. I am also a knowledge seeker and always take help from such sites for improving mu concepts especially in maths. I always refer to sites like 1to1 tutor which gives me good one to one private focus for getting the concepts cleared. So do look at the better part of spending time on the net.


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