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Life Skills Support Teacher

A few observations ....

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John Legend is one of the best male R&B singers to come along in years and fortunately represents the kind of modern black entertainer who isn't invested in pandering to the lowest common denominator in pop culture. He comes off as a sensitive, intelligent, and urbane gentleman, the type of figure sorely lacking in today's music business.

The Marvin Gaye LP you speak of was on our house turntable constantly back when it was released in 1971. It was great then and it's still great today, musically and production-wise that is. I ignore the archaic social advocacy, because like most of that coming from musical groups in those days, it seems naive and ultimately pointless in retrospect if only to appear "aware" for a target audience of counterculture youth. I believe a careful study of historical trends reveals that problems are never truly solved because our leaders don't want them solved. Most, if not all, elected leaders personally profit from crisis. Not necessarily monetarily, but by perpetuating their power bases and influence over selected constituencies, whether they be segments of the population or corporate interests. Favors for votes. As long as greed exists as a human failing, best intentions will be thwarted.

3rd grade teacher in Souderton, PA

Today I witnessed first hand

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Today I witnessed first hand the power of music. Two of my students with social issues, yes they are identified as students with austism spectrum concerns, initiated their own flutophone (or as we call them "recorders") concert. It began as a duet and soon became a band with these two little boys totally in charge and all the other children allowing them to lead and following their lead. They were masterful. One actually began conducting and asked the audience to "join the band by singing".It was the first time I saw these boys want to take the lead, comfortable being in front of others, and speaking out with authority.
G-man, you always said music had power, why did it take me so long to see it happen? Thank you for your musical inspiration!

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