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Beth: I couldn't agree more.

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Beth: I couldn't agree more. The iPad can lead to educational "sweet sauce." It isn't the answer, but it can lead to the answers.

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Beth, very much enjoyed your

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Beth, very much enjoyed your post. Among other reasons because I think it exemplifies a bit more what education in the classroom is leaning towards in the recent years.

It is a subject of discussion for sure but I for one believe that iPads, to follow your examples are a great way of maintaining students engaged in class. Additionally, because this type of technology is so common nowadays they are of much benefit for teachers as well. You can plan and execute your school day as a teacher in a more efficient manner but it also gives you more to take from in your class planning arsenal.

Inevitably we will see iPads and similar items see their way into the classroom and they will hopefully be welcomed by teachers and students.

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