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English Learners

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Thank you for posting these app ideas! I use an iPad everyday with my groups (grades K-5), and these will help with my students' motivation. One aspect of English that I work on with my older students is prefixes and suffixes. It has been hard to find developmentally appropriate apps. I've already downloaded some and starting playing with them. Thanks again!

4th grade STEM teacher from Richfield, Minnesota

Thanks for Sharing!

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I have not had much exposure to using ipads, but will attend a class next month with some colleagues to determine how ipads could assist us in bringing more technology to our new STEM school. I really appreciated your insights and advice on selecting apps. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and helping to steer us in the right direction when we select apps.

Educational technologies

iPad Tools

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I did the same thing a while back with tools that are content neutral and can be used across the curriculum.

Understanding the Taxonomy

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I greatly enjoyed your targeted approach to matching Bloom's Taxonomy with apps. I always think back to Grant Wiggins’ statement of avoiding the all too common “hands on, minds off” usage to technology. As Anthony mentioned technology must be leveraged when there is a level of understanding to be gained from introducing it in a learning experience.

Will you be presenting apps that teachers can use in an interactive and collaborative setting?

At, I wrote a post about exposing learners to the taxonomy and having them develop an understanding of their own cognitive levels. Through collaboration, communication and guidance, students may achieve higher order thinking. I'd love for you to take a look and pass on your thoughts regarding the value for students.

I’m looking forward to the next 4 parts of your series!

Socrative - smart student response system


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Diane, this is so helpful. There are so many apps coming out, it's difficult to keep up. I keep saying I don't want more "drill and kill". This gives me a more thoughtful way to evaluate apps and decide what is valuable to use with my kiddos in the classroom. I can't wait to see your future blogs! Am going to my ipad next... to download a few off these.

8th grade U.S. History, 7th grade World History

Great post!

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I always prefer reading about technology that is integrated around the natural learning process as opposed to technology just for technology's sake. Thanks for sharing these apps Diane. Your post also helps us to keep in mind the cognitive learning domains one needs to consider when determining the appropriate application and integration of technology into our curriculum.

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