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Science teacher

Positive change for classroom

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I am encouraged to read about many of the apps and websites I found independently are listed. My school has used edmodo for a few years and I really like the versatility of Notablity. (I admit that I also use Notability to "paint" pictures on my ipad.) I am still searching for an app that works like an air writer for smart board.

9-12 English & History teacher, Boston

I use all of the above

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I use all of the above mentioned tools except for ShowMe. Why? ShowMe is not accessible for my students.'s TEACH app is amazing and the first interactive whiteboard tool that is accessible for students with disabilities.

Supervisor of Gifted and Elementary Math / Cheltenham School District

Another look at Evernote

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I'd also suggest that schools looking at this model consider using Penultimate and Evernote instead of Notability. The one thing that makes me lean in this direction is that notes written in Penultimate are instantly available and *searchable* in Evernote. The handwriting recognition is outstanding and completely transparent, and makes it a winner for me. All depends on your goals of course, and no one package of apps will work for everyone.

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