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Social media in the classroom

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I think teaching children about technology is essential today.

As a parent, it is my responsibility to expose my children to as many positive experiences as possible, to give them a "taste" and it is up to them if they want to take it further.

If they do, then what I, or educators have, taught them in terms of rules of use will guide them.

There is always the possibility of if all going wrong, but I hope that the relationships my children have with me, their educators and other trusted adults will allow them to discuss problems they are experiencing.

Social media for e-learning & technology

It's rather difficult

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It's rather difficult question at which age should we allow our kids use technology, let them tweet, share information etc. Here is a website where tech-curious parents can get some support. It's a new social platform where you can talk to experts and other concerned parents about the risks and opportunities presented by technology. For more information check BBC

Second Grade Teacher from NC

I am toying with the idea of

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I am toying with the idea of a class twitter feed but unsure of it. Do I allow my second graders to have access to it outside of school? Very interesting article.


Social media in the elementary classroom

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Social media has a place in the elementary classroom. This post brings up some valuable points, specifically point number three. I know of elementary classes that participate in Mysteryskypes, Twitter and Edmodo throughout the year. These opportunities encourage students to develop their own voice and self-confidence at an early age. These qualities benefit students throughout their academic careers.

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