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I think this can work almost

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I think this can work almost at any grade level, but my first concern is to make sure we're teaching kids how to use infographics to enhance understanding, not obscure it. My biggest pet peeves about any sort of poster project, is that we don't always teach kids about what makes a good visual display of information, or how to put it together so the most important information is highlighted, etc. If you could instill some of those good information design ideas to kids in Grade 5, it will serve them well for the rest of their schooling and beyond!!

Thanks so much for sharing

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Thanks so much for sharing this great and inspiring experience. I'm more than excited to try this with my Grade 5 (I work in Primary). Or do you think that is too early?

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Amazing, inspiring!! Also,

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Amazing, inspiring!! Also, in my opinion, using infographics develops systematic thinking which is very beneficial for other areas of learning. Your approach shows that motivation is crucial in order to make kids excited, inspiring, and just book lovers.

Here is another interesting talk about whether technology can help with children’s literacy What is particularly interesting is that what Dr. L. Robert Furman said about motivating the reluctant reader through technology

Thank you Sarah, it' very useful.

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I can't wait to share this with my High School English teachers.

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