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How much...?

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I think the degree to which professors accomodate frosh depends on the professor. Everyone wants students to do well and there is more of an imperative in higher education to avoid grade inflation. I think that students socialize professors more than students think.

If incoming freshman show perseverance and ask politely for assistance, all the colleagues I know will leap tall buildings to be helpful.

Of all the things I would say...

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"Changing out of your pajamas and yomping across campus to visit an instructor during her office hours demonstrates that you're serious about content that she has spent years researching. Besides, you learn far more during a face-to-face conversation."

I have a laundry list of things I wish I could go back and tell my 18-year-old, college freshman self, but the importance of building relationships with professors is probably the most important--in terms of academics, anyway.

Know your professors' office hours. Visit often and with purpose.

How much do your colleagues

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How much do your colleagues who teach beginning college students understand (or are forgiving) of the transitions from high school to college? Students often express to us that they're intimidated by professors' authority, at the same time feeling the need to prove themselves on campus. Plus, they're going from being a big fish in a barrel, to one of many big fishes in a bigger pond, which can be humbling to be one of many valedictorians.

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