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4th grade teacher from Newport News, VA

Shift It!

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After watching these videos, it occurred to me that the "pencasts" I have made with my LiveScribe Pen for my students are very similar to the podcasts shown in the first video. If I were to shift the control, I could let groups create the pencasts or use a Flip camera to film student "tutorials".

I agree that the concept of purpose - creating something of use for others - combined with the concept of a legacy - creating something lasting - is a tremendous motivator.

This year our Social Studies curriculum covers "States & Regions". After seeing a Google Map Eric Brunsell created for his introduction to the course at UWOSH, I am thinking about having students create Google Maps this year for the states they are studying, identifying and providing a narrative for natural resources, historic sites, etc.

Students would be assessed based on the level of detail and accuracy provided in the tutorial video or Google Map. A rubric would be provided. Making the change is simply finding those situations where the students have the opportunity to create something that not only demonstrates their learning, but provides a useful resource to other students.

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