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Awesome Teamwork!

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Wow, wow, wow!!! I love what you all are doing to help each other grow professionally to ultimately increase student achievement. In my school, we have took the time to observe teachers in the same subject area but in different grades. I think it would be much more effective if we observe our partners of the same grade and subject as you all are doing. This provides for effective feedback when we know the content that the teacher we are observing is teaching. I love the idea of videotaping each other that way you can see for youself what works for the students and how you can improve your teaching for the students. I am going to suggest at my school that we try this strategy of professional development. Once again, great teamwork!

4th grade teacher, Baltimore, MD

Last year, I had a wonderful

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Last year, I had a wonderful experience team teaching with for a 4th grade reading class. The teacher and I planned together and therefore knew where the lesson was headed so we could help each other out. Several other teachers on my team have not had such great experiences. Instead they choose to alternate teaching days and do not get the full benefit of the co-teaching experience. The students really benefited from having both teachers available to assist them and to clarify any misconceptions. It also helped to differentiate the lesson. One of us could pull a group to reinforce the day's skill while the other worked on a challenge activity.

I completely understand what was stated about the fear of being observed and judged. I felt the same way, but in order to be a team, you have to be able to trust one another. The suggestions given for how to offer constructive criticism will definitely help to build the trust. If you are flexible, open-minded, and willing to grow professionally, team teaching is a great opportunity.


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If time is spent establishing group norms, this time will pay dividends when it comes to everybody being on the same page. Also, everyone must understand the purpose of the PLC. Hopefully, that purpose is to enhance student learning. The group norms and purpose need to be reviewed often. If you were driving somewhere for ten months, wouldn't you check the map along the way to ensure that you are going the right way?


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In my experience I have found that PLC’s have been a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a teacher, but the hard part sometimes is working in a large group. At times it is tough to get everyone on the same page. My question is how do you achieve maximum harmony amongst the group so that you get the most out of your meeting times?

While there are times I have

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While there are times I have frustrating encounters with team teaching there are many benefits to it as well. I am a PE/Health teacher and team teach with 3 others. My co-workers and I learn many new ideas, strategies and activities from each other. Also, by brainstorming ideas together we sometimes combine two of our ideas to create a brand new activity. This is my first year team teaching with two of the three co-workers and I look forward to learning more and more from them.

Excellent Example of Effective Teamwork

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This affirms my own ideas of effective teamwork. We cannot wear our hearts on our shoulders, and we must be open to possibilities that someone else might have a better idea or approach. Rose and Mike have shown that it is important that we be able to step outside of ourselves and get a vision from the outside in, and then accept the reality, and work from that point to apply the newfound knowledge. It is clear that the effort and collaboration between the two works to enhance their skills in teaching, consequently enhancing their success as teachers.

School Headmaster at Lifesong School for Orphans in Zambia

I agree. There is streangth

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I agree. There is streangth in numbers. Working with a partner with whom who have good understanding helps a lot. This works not only in classroom but in admninstration aswell. I have experienced great releaf to work with people that have shared the same vision for education with me. leaders in education should always encourage their teachers to partiner with friends in teaching.

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Congratulations on Smartbrief Selection

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It was fun to see this excellent piece promoted by Smartbrief. Kudos, Betty. The questioning protocols were particularly helpful to me: ""What is it you are doing to help foster student achievement?" or "What are you doing that might be hindering student achievement?"

Team teaching can be truly

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Team teaching can be truly powerful! I speak from experience when I say that finding the right partner is essential. You need to work with someone who you are comfortable with and who you don't mind accepting feedback from. I was blessed to team teach with a partner who was an excellent match for me. We planned together, assessed together, and gave the kids feedback together. We had to ensure that we had the same philosophy about education, so that kids were not confused.

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