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Online presence

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This article shows the importance of teachers reflecting on their online presence. One thing I believe is lacking in schools is teaching students about digital citizenship; which is really just how to behave and express yourself properly when using and communicating with online tools. We do need to be careful about what we post online. We do not need to post everything online. There are certain things about teaching that I will never share online; instead talking with a good friend, trusted colleague, or relative about the issues.

As to the question of: How can teachers appropriately blow off steam? For me personally, I blow off steam offline...on the golf course.

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Let's Not Bash Teen Language.

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I think this is such an important piece, Belia. It damages our professionalism as teachers when we bash student vernacular. It also creates an us-versus-them dichotomy that makes our job harder AND sets us up as superior.

If someone followed me around all day with a microphone, he or she would find a lot of verbal hiccups that would, if cataloged, make me sound ridiculous.

Your analysis confuses me a

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Your analysis confuses me a bit..I think what you're saying is that each child should be able to seek out whatever she or he feels comfortable with. I agree with that idea.The problem is that you need to able to understand what the student is trying to convey in words to you. I thought school was a place where a person could come to every day and feel confident that she or he would be able to understand, what the other students were saying, and attempt to either use the info or not.
How about this... We adopt the system were students are tested for their strong areas and once they find out what they like, they are put into those groups that they will excel in. Remember the days of the industrial arts kids and the college kids. Boy.. There's some old school!
Anyway, I realize that there is a lot of other mitigating circumstances in today's world that did't exist in mine. SOMEHOW...WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN DO!!!!

Much ado about nothing

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This is nothing more than the teenage version of "Kids Say the Darnedest Things."

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Excellent insight into this rising phenomenon!

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Your analysis into this new teacher's revolution is very dynamic. The sites that you've mentioned have highlighted the human side of teaching. Many forget that teachers aren't the infallible near-super human entities that society has traditionally come to expect them to be. The question arises: How can teachers appropriately blow off steam? Personally, I like your idea of teachers looking at the glass half-full rather than half-empty.

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