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What wonderful ideas. When I

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What wonderful ideas. When I taught kindergarten I would love to end the day with a few minutes of apologies and appreciations. It was a way to model how to accept responsibility and how to show gratitude. I found that taking those moments to show students that their actions were noticed and appreciated helped to make them feel important and valued.

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I was just going to write

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I was just going to write "This is perfect!" And then "Thank you! I'm off to pin/share/facebook gratefully!" That would have been it.

But then I noticed your question-- so I'll answer it. How do I teach gratitude? Well, we have a song and even a lesson plan called "Gift in This Present." In a nutshell; words that rhyme whimsically, with appreciation for happy friendships thrown into the second verse. Let's stop texting and smell the roses in the key of C.

I penned our little pop song with older students in mind. What has been amazing is how many YOUNGER students go crazy over the lyrics. In this day and age of texting and so many kids ignoring all the "roses," it makes my heart happy to see students actually listen up and take heed.

Thank you again for this wonderful post! It's very special. I love the links too.

Thank you for this great

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Thank you for this great article. I sent it to my staff and talked about it on my blog. You discuss such an important life skill that educators need to take the time to share with students.
Thank you!

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