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This inspiring guide offers

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This inspiring guide offers simple, practical advice as it takes you step-by-step through more than 100 engaging, family-friendly garden activities. Whether you're playing leapfrog over pumpkins, harvesting a six-plant part burrito, cooking up a compost cake, weaving lavender wands, or pickling pears, the fun-filled memories will last a lifetime.thank for sharing with us

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Connecting food to

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Connecting food to agriculture, plate to farm, is so crucial. Teaching kids to cook is a missing piece that, in our experience, really engages older students (late middle and high school). Our curriculum using cooking as an entree into nutrition and the food system:

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I agree with all, good

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I agree with all, good recommendations. I would add a simple mantra to follow to engage kids/teens into healthy eating: HAVE FUN WITH FOOD. Often with healthy choices they are presented so blandly to kids. Pump up the volume! See how in the book: http://tinyurl/ccoj857

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Apparently, there are some

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Apparently, there are some apps and interactive games which created to encourage kids to eat healthy. Have a look at what parents are using here,

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We're getting inspired! NPR

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We're getting inspired! NPR just had this article Why Micro-Gardening Could Go Big

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