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Excellent!!! Ted Sizer would

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Excellent!!! Ted Sizer would be proud of this work.
It is SO important we all (teachers, administrators, parents, coaches, etc.) focus on developing these essential "habits of mind." Thank you! I have posted this to our website:

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Thanks for that neat summary

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Thanks for that neat summary of 16 mind habits.

I will be glad to integrate these ideas into my next ESL lesson for advanced English students.

President, NJ Association for Middle Level Education

Critical thinking and habits of mind

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I think that it is crucial that students be able to think flexibly (Habit #4). I have written many lessons where students are assigned a point of view in a complex situation and have to discuss and collaborate to come up with an action plan. Here are 6 suggestions for looking at Pearl Harbor from different perspectives.

I train educators to use a coaching approach in their teaching practice

Signals and Strategies

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Habits of Mind by Art Costa and Bena Kallick suggests 16 great ways of generating a 21st century learning environment. I wholly applaud this. It certainly gives me more, inspiring and concrete descriptions for my work on bringing a coaching approach to the education system.

What I would like to see is some work on signals and strategies.

What are the signs or signals that there is a window of opportunity opening up for engaging one of the Habits of Mind? What are the students (not) doing, that would trigger the teacher to look for inspiration in a particular Habit of Mind? What signals link to each Habit of Mind?

And then there's strategies. There are probably several effective stratgies for implementing work once the habit has been identified.

Perhaps these signals and strategies are in the book?

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