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Co-founder of SmarterCookie

What about watching asynchronously?

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I love this use of Google Hangout! When I was teaching third grade, I wanted to observe other teachers and have them observe me, as we had so much to learn from each other. I think you've brought up a great point that Hangout can help this happen.

However, there is always still the problem of time. If you teach at the same time as your peers, how can you watch them asynchronously? To solve this problem, I helped create a private video sharing platform for teachers to watch each others' lessons and receive feedback. It's called SmarterCookie ( We've had tons of teachers use the site for this purpose because it gets around the problems you mentioned with YouTube (all videos are private by default). We also encourage teachers to use cameras they have on their phones or laptops so that it's convenient instead of a headache!

Ben, because of your experience with Google Hangout, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


5th grade teacher

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You have provided some wonderful insight into how to use google hangout. As an upper elementary teacher, it is valuable for me to see what is happening both in the lower elementary and in the middle school, so my colleagues and I can have more informed discussions about vertical alignment of curriculum, teaching strategies, etc. Google hangout could quite easily provide me with a way of observing my colleagues without interrupting their class.

I am now also excited about the possibility of using google hangout to observe some of my colleagues who live in different timezones. When I am home in Taiwan during the early evening, I could quite easily observe a class that is in session in the USA and similarly ask my colleagues to observe me. Such a powerful opportunity for professional development!

Excellent blog

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Excellent blog post


Jonny Liddell

Educational Consultant/Author, Southern California

Thank you for the

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Thank you for the explanation. Excellent suggestions.

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