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Education Specialist from Southern California

Thank you

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Thank you for introducing me to iEARN. I am a student teacher in Southern California, who is currently studying to be a Educational Specialist. As part of an assignment, I needed to learn and comment on a global education. The idea of connecting my students to students around the world seem to be unrealistic. I was not sure how this idea of global education would work. I enjoyed your example of exchanging Christmas card and having your students skype with the class. It seems like you created a great classroom experience. I love how the parents of your students were involved. I am interested in learning more about iEARN and flat classroom. When I get my own classroom I would love to be a part of this program.

Chief Development Officer

Blended Project

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Hi Donna,

Thank you for this post. I love the snail mail aspect of this project-- a great blend of old and new tech! Here is a fun animoto:

Good luck with your Global Education Conference sessions this week!



Professional Development for iEARN-USA

Learning with the world, not just about it

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Donna, Thanks for giving your students this experience. They will remember it a long time. Hopefully they coerce their future teachers to give them the same experiences.

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