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IT consultant for IncitED

Thanks for spreading the word about IncitED

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Jaime is my daughter. As a retired software developer, I try to help her and the development team to build a solid crowdfunding site and much more. Now that the site is up and running, emphasis on building a community for educators (project builders) will increase.

We believe that educators have literally thousands of of ideas for implementing project based, creativity based education. The majority these ideas are not being implemented due a lack of funding. To give you an idea of the scope of these ideas, projects like The Disruption Dept. Young Makers Program, the Youth Voices Writing Project, the Portland Suzuki Violin Project, Pendulum Aerial Arts, and The Legacy Leadership Academy are currently being funded during our Beta test phase!

Thanks for letting your readers know about IncitED as an option to bridge the gap that exists between a good idea and a functioning project. These projects will make a difference as students are engaged in new and exciting ways.

I'd like to encourage educators to share this article with anyone you know who is has such an idea but lacks the funds to implement it.

researcher in L.N. Gumiyov Eurasian national University

great article, teahcers of L.

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great article, teahcers of L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian University has a summer schools where they can share their ideas with students and other lectors from all over world, who usually get invited for diffrenet ojects. For exsample next summer school is planned on June 14-23, 2012 Summer school on sociology «Communication between research and teaching practices».
Please wellcome to our University summer schools where you can share your ideas.

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