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Thanks for the informative

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Thanks for the informative article on the common core and literary nonfiction.

I teach high school science and incorporate primary source literature in Google Earth chapter tours. I find it is a nice way for students to explore science, history and geography. The material is at:

Illustrating to Understand

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I'm inserting a link to students' illustrations of the Preamble--having students illustrate each part of such a short but deep text will help everyone "get" the ideas.

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There are lots of great free

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There are lots of great free iPad apps from the National Archives to access primary source documents:

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My most dyslexic student read the Gettysburg Address this morning … and it took him about ten minutes to get through those remarkable two-hundred and sixty-eight, scurrying-around brain squirrels.

He read each word … he repeated some words … he mispronounced a whole bunch of words, and his classmates, kindly, with understanding and patience, helped him pronounce the words correctly. It was the most beautiful reading of the Gettysburg Address I’ve ever heard. I chunked him the plucked chicken and we clapped for him. His happy expression at that moment shall not perish, ever, from my mind.

And because these words are so inspiring … because this speech is so wonderfully well written and so well-conceived, I had another student read it out loud because she really wanted to. Montene’s hand was wiggling off her wrist. Her arm was wiggling off her shoulder to get me to let her do it. Montene read the first sentence this way …

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the prostitution that all men are created equal.

… and with that special treatment it’s all pretty much equal in the only way my scholars can make it. Our special fun shall not perish from the Earth.

I just know it.

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Todd, thanks for such a solid

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Todd, thanks for such a solid contribution to this topic. In my book, this is the definitive article on literary nonfiction. I also love your thinking on how to enter into the Gettysburg Address.

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